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Rio, Nice, Barcelona? Nope! Marseille! This is where the city takes on a more playful, relaxing allure, where the seaside is less industrial, and nature, omnipresent! The Southern districts maintain that "Marseille way of life", that of beaches, seaside sheds, gorgeous bastides - and luxury residences! It is, after all, where Le Corbusier decided to build his utopia.

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86 logements 86 logements 86 logements 86 logements

86 Residences

Stacked Villas, in Dialogue with La Cité Radieuse

Within this disparate landscape, Le Corbusier's monumental Unité d'Habitation stands as a strong landmark for the entire territory. This building responds to its context by presenting a simple and clearly identifiable figure. Articulated around right angles, it creates a dialogue with the Unité d'Habitation, while meshing with the existing built environment. Walk-through apartments and duplexes are implemented among the passageways and terraces. Accessible through shared passageways taking the form of architectural meanderings, the residences are like small villas: the living rooms systematically benefit from two orientations, with a vast west-facing en-suite terrace, equipped with "jalousie" windows. The structural originality is provided by the modular, bracketed facades appearing like stacked, prefabricated concrete "boxes" alternating in equal measure with the metallic passageways. Louvered wooden shutters allow residents to modulate their views, protect certain passageways from the wind, and shade the apartments in the summer.
Architect :
Year : 2007
Type : housing
Address : 336, avenue de Mazargues
13008 Marseille
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