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Rio, Nice, Barcelona? Nope! Marseille! This is where the city takes on a more playful, relaxing allure, where the seaside is less industrial, and nature, omnipresent! The Southern districts maintain that "Marseille way of life", that of beaches, seaside sheds, gorgeous bastides - and luxury residences! It is, after all, where Le Corbusier decided to build his utopia.

Chateau Borelly Chateau Borelly Ecole natioanle de danse les jardins de thalassa Brasilia Unité d'habitation 86 logements extension cité mixte Daumier MAC
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Chateau Borelly Chateau Borelly Chateau Borelly Chateau Borelly

Renovation of Château Borély

Built in the years 1760-1770, this stately "bastide" is distinguished by the elegant austerity of its facade, as well as the quality of painter Louis Chaix's interior decoration, which was completely restored for the reopening of the building in 2013. This "most beautiful of bastides", as it was designated upon its very completion, was the summer home for the Borély family, a getaway where they could entertain their guests in an exceptional landscape, between sea and rolling hills. After the park was transferred to the City in the XIXth century, the Château became one of the historical landmarks of Marseille's identity and art de vivre. Renovated as part of the European Capital of Culture operation, it now houses a museum that combines decorative arts, ceramics and fashion. The aim (which was successfully attained) was to give visitors the unique impression of living in a still-inhabited XVIIIth-century palace. On display across the facility's 1,600 m2 exhibition space is a collection of 2,500 artworks (furniture, ceramics, glasswork, tapestries, etc.), all within a contemporary museography. The castle's remarkable rooms, with their restored decorations, are accessible to the public.
Architect :
Botton- Moatti Rivieres - Donjerkovic
Year : 2013 (réhabilitation)
Type : cultural equipment
Address : 134 Avenue Clôt Bey
13008 Marseille
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