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Rio, Nice, Barcelona? Nope! Marseille! This is where the city takes on a more playful, relaxing allure, where the seaside is less industrial, and nature, omnipresent! The Southern districts maintain that "Marseille way of life", that of beaches, seaside sheds, gorgeous bastides - and luxury residences! It is, after all, where Le Corbusier decided to build his utopia !

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extension cité mixte Daumier extension cité mixte Daumier extension cité mixte Daumier extension cité mixte Daumier

Extension of the Cité Mixte Daumier

A High School Under the Influenceue

This concrete beam-and-slab structure reflects the stilts of its famous neighbour, the Cité Radieuse. The complex is divided into three blocks, each comprising of a "duo" of inclined beams (in both north-south and east-west directions), completing the horizontal efforts. Concrete plates alternate with the bay windows to create the necessary firewalls. Hoisted up at the same height as the branches from the surrounding mall of plane trees, the library symbolically occupies the heart of the site, as if to drive home the main mission of a school: the acquisition of knowledge. The facades are open on all sides to suggest a symbolic exchange between the classrooms, the street and sports facilities. The stacks are purposely squat to create a landscape of books only slightly higher than the tables. The building was awarded the CAUE's Award for Architecture in 2011.
Architect :
Chancel - Segond
Year :
Type :scool
Address : 46 Avenue Clôt Bey
13008 Marseille
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