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Rio, Nice, Barcelona? Nope! Marseille! This is where the city takes on a more playful, relaxing allure, where the seaside is less industrial, and nature, omnipresent! The Southern districts maintain that "Marseille way of life", that of beaches, seaside sheds, gorgeous bastides - and luxury residences! It is, after all, where Le Corbusier decided to build his utopia.

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MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art)

An Unusual Space for an Expanding Collection

The progressive development of the collections, along with ambitious new policies aiming at exhibiting contemporary art in Marseille led to the 1994 creation of a purpose-built museum. Besides an impressive collection of contemporary artworks, the MAC offers a robust program of events and temporary exhibitions. It also provides the public with a display of its permanent collections of works and masterpieces from the 1960s to the present, the foundation of its originality. The MAC, which acquired the status of museum in the beginning of the 2000s, moved into a 1970s building donated to the City by Doctor Rau. This unsigned, one-storey construction is unusual for having built specifically to house the donor's collection, benefits from direct daylight and modular public spaces that facilitate the flow of visitors.
Year : 1994
Type : cultural equipment
Address : 69, avenue d'Haïfa
13008 Marseille
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