A stroll through antiquity

This walk will take you through the highlights of the Ancient Roman city. You will see the vestiges of the Roman era, the post-war rehousing developments and the railway brownfields, with the city's history museum as our starting point.

Autour des cités universitaires Musée de l’Arles Antique Espace d'accueil des thermes de Constantin Collège Frederic Mistral Restauration du théatre antique Grande Halle Logements de première nécessité
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Logements de première nécessité

infuse social housing projects

Far from the Grand Projects, a Noble Approach to Architecture

This modest, simple complex proves that architects can infuse social housing projects with all of their artistry. At the end of a dead end, we find an incongruous architecture: a row of colourful "sheds" in shades of light green, brown, sky blue... Looking closer, the architecture's apparent humbleness reveals a subtle complexity: obliquely-protruding sheer veils regularly punctuate the facade, while a light concrete overhand runs along the length of the building horizontally. The wooden facade panel, while identical, slide out to reveal a window, or a door. This repetitive technical process engenders an eye-pleasing variation. The interior is Spartan yet functional, designed for a family of five to cohabit in a 30 m2, two-room space. Arles' constructions are the only remaining examples of Pierre Vago's projects, which were also implemented in Port-de-Bouc, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, Martigues and Berre-l’Étang. .
Architect :
Pierre Vago assisté de Jacques Van Migom et José Imbert
Year : 1954
Type : Housing
Address :
rue Alexandre Dumas, Les Alyscamps, Arles
Géolocalisation google 43.297292,5.361493