A stroll through antiquity

This walk will take you through the highlights of the Ancient Roman city. You will see the vestiges of the Roman era, the post-war rehousing developments and the railway brownfields, with the city's history museum as our starting point..

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Restauration du théatre antique

The Renovation of the Roman Theatre

The Vestiges Put on a Performance

The previous renovation, with its white plastic bleachers, has taken a bow: the entirety of the cavea is thus revealed, highlighting the auditorium's harmonious geometry. The bright colours and materials of the orchestra are rediscovered, while the mobile stage gives us glimpses of the antique stage's ruins. This renovation by way of subtraction gives new life to the Roman-era vestiges while responding to the needs of contemporary performances: the technical facilities were modernized, new dressing rooms built, the mobile stage was outfitted with the latest technology, and a removeable screen and structure was designed, to reveal the two large marble columns. The reception hall welcomes the audiences in from the screen via a small pavilion bathed in an intense orange light. The "furniture", which is the name given by the Fluor agency to its interventions on the project "discretely insert themselves in the nooks and crannies of the monument They age along with it and tend to blur the lines between the two architectures" - the ancient and the contemporary. Conversely, on performance days, these elements, faithful as they are to the spirit of antiquity, come out of hiding in a vibrant manner.
Architect :
F. Botton, Fluor Architecture, Atelier François Seigneur et Sylvie de la Dure
Year : 2009
Type : show
Address :
Rue du cloître, Arles
Géolocalisation google 43.297292,5.361493