A stroll through antiquity

This walk will take you through the highlights of the Ancient Roman city. You will see the vestiges of the Roman era, the post-war rehousing developments and the railway brownfields, with the city's history museum as our starting point.

Autour des cités universitaires Musée de l’Arles Antique Espace d'accueil des thermes de Constantin Collège Frederic Mistral Restauration du théatre antique Grande Halle Logements de première nécessité
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Espace d'accueil des thermes de Constantin

The Baths of Constantine's New Entrance Halln

The Invisible Extension

When faced with adding to the ruins of an antique monument, what attitude should an architect adopt? Daniel Fanzutti's solution was to create the absence of a building. A succession of concrete veils creates a clever dialogue with the vestiges' brickwork, while creating a path a framing viewpoint that lead the visitor's through the labyrinth of the ancient baths. A sky path delicately spans and curves around the vestiges of a vault: the intervention is minimalistic, presenting only the Corten steel lattices. A guardrail composed of a structured balustrade snake along the pathway, while large steel slabs ebb and flow, allowing a glimpse into the entrance hall from the street. A subtle interplay of massings dialogue with the walls of the ruins and articulate the monument within the cityscape.
Architect :Daniel Fanzutti
Year : 2010
Type : Heritage
Address :
Place Constantin, Arles
Géolocalisation google 43.297292,5.361493