A stroll through antiquity

This walk will take you through the highlights of the Ancient Roman city. You will see the vestiges of the Roman era, the post-war rehousing developments and the railway brownfields, with the city's history museum as our starting point.

Autour des cités universitaires Musée de l’Arles Antique Espace d'accueil des thermes de Constantin Collège Frederic Mistral Restauration du théatre antique Grande Halle Logements de première nécessité
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Collège Frederic Mistral

Collège Fréderic Mistral

A Dialogue Between the Different Parts of the City

At the intersection of the Ancient city, the large 60s residential developments and the industrial brownfields at the Northern end of the city, the buildings that compose this middle school complex create a dialogue between the territory's various scales, while reinterpreting its typologies.The resulting heterogeneous complex blends a number of architectural vocabularies, a sort of representation of the contemporary city, complete with its contradictions and contrasts - but also its harmony. Built along the Rhône river and visible from the quay that lines the Ancient City, the College presents a street wall that reflects the scale and irregularity of the city's existing buildings. The facades are clad in reinforced concrete. To the North, opposite the train station and the industrial district beyond, the gymnasium and staff housing take the form of a horizontal belt, clad in shiny metal. Looking south towards downtown, two plain exposed concrete facades, breached only by the entrance to the complex, delineate the geometry of the esplanade and open the college to the city.
Architect :Agence Gaëlle Péneau Architectes Associés
Year : 2011
Typee : school
Address :
2 Esplanade de la laïcité, Arles
Géolocalisation google 43.297292,5.361493