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From the J4, "Marseille's new cultural centre" to the Place de La Joliette, at the heart of the new Euroméditerranée business centre, this tour provides an understanding of the difficulties of opening the commercial port up to the city, and the solutions that were implemented.

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The Villa d'Este

Across from La Major, a High-End, Mixed-Use Building Heralding the Euroméditerranée's Reclamation of the Port Lands

While the reconstruction of the Old Port began immediately after the Second World War, the transformation of the Joliette district had to wait until the end of the 1960s. The Villa d'Este is undoubtedly the first building of this period of re-urbanization of the current Robert Schuman Avenue, with its southern perspective articulated on Fernand Pouillon's Tourette. The project includes office, retail and residential components. The facade, uncovered since the neighbourhood's rehabilitation and the destruction of the highway onramp, is the expression of the building's various overlapping functions, unified par a travertine cladding. Of note is the project's assertion of its modernity, synthesized by a facade oriented towards the Cathédrale de la Major, a successful example of the juxtaposition of the contemporary with an emblematic monument.

The building was classified Patrimoine du XXème Siècle (the French “20th Century Heritage” designation).
Architect :
Claude Gros
Year : 1973
Type : housing
Address :
15 Avenue Robert Schuman, 13002 Marseille
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