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From the J4, "Marseille's new cultural centre" to the Place de La Joliette, at the heart of the new Euroméditerranée business centre, this tour provides an understanding of the difficulties of opening the commercial port up to the city, and the solutions that were implemented.

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The J1

The former hangar, a key site of the European Capital of Culture event, awaits its fate.

LLocated on the piers of the Marseille port, between the J4 and La Joliette, the J1 was Marseille Fos Port's gift to the European Capital of Culture event in 2013. Rehabilitated into exhibition spaces (including a magnificent Le Corbusier retrospective), its impressive volumes benefit from imposing steel structures, courtesy of the Eiffel workshops. For the first time open to the public in 2013, it became an inescapable meeting place in the centre of port activity: ferries continued to moor on its flanks. It represents a strong symbol of the Port's opening up to the city, which was not a foregone conclusion. A temporary space for the Capital year, it is now the object of the most whimsical proposals for its future use: should it be a concert hall, a library, an aquarium? Time will tell.
Architects :
Catherine Bonte
Year :2013
Type : Place of exhibition
Address :
quai de la Joliette, 13002 Marseille
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