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From the J4, "Marseille's new cultural centre" to the Place de La Joliette, at the heart of the new Euroméditerranée business centre, this tour provides an understanding of the difficulties of opening the commercial port up to the city, and the solutions that were implemented.

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Place de la Major

A Public Square is Rebuilt

PGiving breathing space to the imposing Cathédrale de la Major (a relatively recent neo-Byzantine-style building, finished in 1893), this new public square also reconnects pedestrians with the city. A victim of a decades-long car-oriented policy, the Cathedral was choked by a highway topped by an onramp, which is now buried in a tunnel under the piers. Thanks to the neighbourhood's new cultural mission, important infrastructure operations created a link with the Euroméditerranée sea front, offering wanderers a balcony with a view of the port, the J4 pier and the sea.
Architect :
Bruno Fortier - Michel Desvigne - Jean-Michel Savignat
Year: 2013
Type : public space
Address :
place de la Major, 13002 Marseille
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