From MuCem to the Old Port

Between Marseille's new architectural symbol and the Vieux-Port, follow us on a trip through 2,600 years of the city's history. Beyond the MuCEM, this walk presents a compendium of the second half of 20th-century architecture, which was marked by a period of post-war reconstruction.

parcours MuCEM / vieux port Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée Rowing Club Opération de la Tourette L'immeuble façade du Vieux-Port La maison Diamantée Extension de l'Hotel de Ville de Marseille La résidence du Vieux-Port Réaménagement du vieux-Port
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la Résidence du Vieux-Port

La Résidence du Vieux-Port

A symbol of the post-war Marseille art of livingA symbol of the post-war Marseille art of living

The four-star hotel combines a certain formality with the "Riviera" mood of 1950s Marseille. The facade reflects the vertical pillar and roof construction principles of the seaside buildings flanking City Hall. A modernist touch, however, brings a new reading on the form: the concrete-beam guardrails that break the vertical rhythm, industrial wire-mesh aprons, Rognes stone cladding that complement the concrete, the proportions of the openings. Renovated in 2010 by interior architect Franz Potisek, the Résidence offers its guests the original experience of the Hotel, with its 50s- and 60s-inspired décor and furniture, including a monumental tapestry (Jean Lurçat's 1954 Le Grand Arbre).
Architect :
André-Jacques Dunoyer de Segonzac
Year : 1952
Typ: hotel
Address : 18 Quai du Port
13002 Marseille
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