From MuCem to the Old Port

Between Marseille's new architectural symbol and the Vieux-Port, follow us on a trip through 2,600 years of the city's history. Beyond the MuCEM, this walk presents a compendium of the second half of 20th-century architecture, which was marked by a period of post-war reconstruction.

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The Old Port’s street wall 

A row of prestigious buildings bearing Fernand Pouillon’s signature, right in the heart of Marseille

This magnificent urban sequence strikes a balance between classicism and modernity, with its discreet, regionally-connotated ornamental features: tile-covered attic roofs, regional stone cladding from Rognes, the decoration of balcony railings, the generous use of ceramics. These all betray Pouillon’s status as a pioneer of the short circuit, hiring local artists and artisans to decorate his stone, iron, glass and wood buildings – materials that he preferred over concrete, to the great irritation of his contemporaries. The reconstruction of Marseille’s Old Port, following the systematic dynamiting carried out by the Nazis in 1943, has produced an architecture made up of simple volumes, completely integrated to the Port’s history and architectural sedimentation, keeping the site’s monumentality intact. The arcade-covered main promenade is a relative rarity in Marseille, bringing a refreshing retreat from the sun as in other Mediterranean cities. The awnings’ shadows bring a welcome contrast to the minimalistic renovation of the Port as carried out by Norman Foster (see Module 8).

The building at 42-66 Quai du Port was classified Historic Monument on December 16 1993. The complex was also given the designation Patrimoine du XXème Siècle.
Architect :
André Leconte - Auguste Perret - André Devin - Fernand Pouillon
AYear :1955
Type : housing
Address :
quai du port, 13002 Marseille
Géolocalisation google 43.297292,5.361493