Let's take a stroll through the Euroméditerranée district, the largest urban redevelopment in Southern Europe, which, over the last decade and a half, has been transforming former port brownfields into a true 21st-century Mediterranean city. The objectives are to reconnect the port to the city, extend the downtown core northwards, and create an interface with the surrounding neighbourhoods - and the metropolis beyond. A showcase for Marseille, this area is a major site of experimentation encompassing regional and international architectural trends.

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Résidence Fonscolombe Résidence Fonscolombe Résidence Fonscolombe Résidence Fonscolombe

Fonscolombes Residence

UAn Experimental Labyrinth Created in Concertation with Residents

This polymorphic, polysocial and polychromatic residential complex was borne out in the 1970s and 1980s. Architect Mario Fabre took the human and topographic complexities of the city into consideration to create a generous, humanistic space, featuring an interplay of terraces, a wealth of passageways, escape routes, and, mostly, 143 different modular shapes for the 380 units! Landscaping was thoughtfully integrated in the project (although it was poorly maintained), and the large planters provided by the architect prompted residents to plant a tree here, or a small forest of cacti there. This unique, rich experience of the space, which was regularly the site of artistic performances, made the residence into a bit of a creative hub. At the time of its construction, Fonscolombes was the symbol of perfect integration into an urban environment. Nowadays, it reverberates the echoes of a bygone utopic era.
Mario Fabre
Year :
Type :Housing
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rue andré chamson 13003 Marseille
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