Let's take a stroll through the Euroméditerranée district, the largest urban redevelopment in Southern Europe, which, over the last decade and a half, has been transforming former port brownfields into a true 21st-century Mediterranean city. The objectives are to reconnect the port to the city, extend the downtown core northwards, and create an interface with the surrounding neighbourhoods - and the metropolis beyond. A showcase for Marseille, this area is a major site of experimentation encompassing regional and international architectural trends.

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Gymnase Ruffy Gymnase Ruffy Gymnase Ruffy Gymnase Ruffy

Gymnase Ruffy

A remarkable sports facility, reflecting the successive layers of the city.

DThis is a site where eras intermingle, where the city has become a succession of disparate and somewhat disorganized layers, scattered with spontaneous architectural marvels, industrial cathedrals and impressive infrastructure. The new sports facility looks as if it has landed in this enchantingly chaotic landscape, in front of the Saint-Martin church. The two contrasting buildings lay claim to their territory, while reminding the visitor that sports and religion are often combined in Marseille. More than a mere sports facility, the Gymnase tells the story of a rapidly-changing area: its attitude towards its environment seems to be one of critique. Here and there, shades of quaint village life, the industrial era, and of the reconquering of the city. It is the perfect synthesis of the idea of the port city, with its constant accumulation, shipping containers, and outsized ferry boats that are a constant backdrop to the cityscape.
Rémy Marciano was awarded the Moniteur's First Realization prize for this building in 2001.
Rémy Marciano
Year : 2000
Type :Sports equipment
Address :
94-96 Rue Peyssonnel 13002 Marseille
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