A stroll around the Friche

This architectural tour is an opportunity to discover this former blue-collar neighbourhood, which was home to a number of the Seita tobacco factory's workers. These buildings come together to tell a story of two centuries of industrial architecture in the heart of Marseille. The transformation of these abandoned and disused buildings into a number of culture spaces gave birth to La Friche de la Belle de Mai. Tobacco, culture... and the military! The army has recently vacated several barracks in the area. These formerly-abandoned spaces offer new territories for city makers to conquer.

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réserves du mucem réserves du mucem réserves du mucem réserves du mucem

Centre Inter-régional de Conservation et de Restauration du Patrimoine et Réserves des Musées de Marseille

In the same spirit of the Municipal Archives located on the other end of the complex, this centre occupies the oldest wings of the oldest part of the tobacco factory, built in 1868. Finishing our journey by admiring this building allows us to take conscience of the social transformations that the city has gone through over the last thirty years, going from an industrial economy and its attendant blue-collar culture, to a service economy wherein art and culture can be vectors of employment and urban transformation.
Architect :
Levy et Magnan
Year : 2000
Type : Equipment
Adress : 21, rue Guibal,
13003 Marseille
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