A stroll around the Friche

This architectural tour is an opportunity to discover this former blue-collar neighbourhood, which was home to a number of the Seita tobacco factory's workers. These buildings come together to tell a story of two centuries of industrial architecture in the heart of Marseille. The transformation of these abandoned and disused buildings into a number of culture spaces gave birth to La Friche de la Belle de Mai. Tobacco, culture... and the military! The army has recently vacated several barracks in the area. These formerly-abandoned spaces offer new territories for city makers to conquer.

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Ecole Bernard Cadenat Ecole Bernard Cadenat Ecole Bernard Cadenat Ecole Bernard Cadenat

S Bernard Cadenat chool

LThe School of Transformation

The desire to preserve the industrial soul of a site often trumps the imperative build brand-new constructions. La Friche is the most obvious example of this philosophy, but more modest projects also followed the same modus operandi, as in the case of the Bernard Cadenat school. The project's mandate was to built a four-room kindergarten in less than five months, on the site of a former electric transformer. The existing building's red-brick cladding, which is unusual in the neighbourhood, guided the project and influenced the use of an architectural vocabulary in harmony with the site, providing the institution with a true facade on the street. Behind the wall and the facade stands a building made of prefabricated modules, in keeping with the project's time limitations. The transformer itself will eventually be converted to school facilities (a cafeteria has already been built in its north wing), and the prefab modules will be removed. But in Marseille, the temporary has a tendency to last...
Architect :
Mickael Sellam architecte
AYear : 2008
Typee : Equipement scolaire
Address: 9 Rue Jobin,
13003 Marseille
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